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Our History

With more than 50 years of experience, Times Printers has built a reputation as a leading provider of integrated printing solutions in the Asia Pacific region. This is what we do uniquely well – delivering timely and high-quality integrated print solutions to our customers. We are a team committed to delivering uncompromised quality and excellent client service at every stage of print production.

Times Printers is widely recognised as the printer of choice for leading national and international companies. By coupling advanced printing capabilities with the state-of-the-art technologies, we strive to provide you with customised print solutions that will achieve your project objectives.

You will certainly appreciate our one-stop service that encompasses every stage of print production and post-production, including finishing solutions and fulfilment. Apart from digital and traditional print solutions, our expansion to packaging and fulfilment solutions have also given our clients an edge over their competition in a wide range of quality and time-sensitive production.

Today, we have three printing plants in Singapore, China and Malaysia as well as an extensive international sales network established in key cities in USA, UK, Europe, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Australia.

With more than 1,400 competent and dedicated employees committed to their craft, Times Printers is well positioned to continue to lead the print industry into the future.

Global Values



We leverage our inherent strengths and diversity to create synergies and commit to team goals.

  • Is open-minded about the ideas, thoughts and opinions of others
  • Is sincere about creating a sense of unity (oneness)
  • Work in teams and across functions, business groups, and entities collaboratively and seamlessly
Creating Value

Creating Value

We are passionate about applying new ideas and grasping opportunities to make a positive impact on our organisation and the world.

  • Overcomes fear of failure and dares to take calculated risks that create value
  • Thinks out of the box and reinvents ideas with creativity and a sense of achievement
  • Pursues life-long learning for better outcomes
Caring For Stakeholders

Caring for Stakeholders

We embrace our stakeholders’ perspectives with good intentions and the right mindsets to create long-term, sustainable partnerships.

  • Is inclusive and meets stakeholders’ evolving needs
  • Build trust among all stakeholders with virtue and integrity
  • Creates win-win relationship with stakeholders


Times Printers Milestones