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About Times Printers

About Times Printers

For more than 45 years, Times Printers has built a reputation. This is what we do uniquely well – delivering timely and high quality integrated print solutions.

Times Printers is widely recognized as the printer of choice for leading national and international publishers and corporations.

Our discerning customers appreciate our one-stop service that encompasses every stage of print production and post-production, including finishing solutions, distribution and fulfilment. Our digital and offset print services and the latest in digital data transmission and computer-to-plate technologies continue to add value to our diversity of customers.

Today, we have three printing plants in Asia and an extensive international sales network established in key cities in USA, UK, Europe, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

With more than 1,400 competent and dedicated employees committed to their craft, Times Printer is well positioned to continue to lead the industry into the future.

Our Global Offices

Singapore    Malaysia   China   Hong Kong   UK   USA
South Africa   Chile   Mexico