Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing

Times Printers employs the state-of-the-art technology that delivers timely results that are above industry standards for quality.

Our cost effective print solutions cover high-quality, quick turnaround time-sensitive weeklies and monthly magazines; high quality books and long-run directories; polished marketing collaterals and educational materials such as full-colour textbooks.

Our customers appreciate our seamless pre-press to printing press process that translates to speed, savings and reliability without compromising on the flexibility to respond to urgent requirements.

Expertly managing and maintaining the wide array of quality equipment is our team of skilled personnel who understand the industry. Our people keep pace with the latest technological breakthroughs so that they can constantly offer innovative solutions and carry out quality control in every stage of production in the entire value chain. Their dedication to their craft makes Times Printers what it is today.

Year after year, we have maintained our record of raking up numerous print awards for excellence in printing.

Our Commercial Printing Operations:

TIMES PRINTERS SINGAPORE is a leading commercial web printer in Singapore. It specializes in the printing of high quality, long run and quick turn-around news magazines, periodicals, catalogues and directories. Equipped with the state of the art technology, Times Printers, delivers results which meets the highest and exacting standards in the industry.

TIMES OFFSET (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is one of the largest commercial printers in Malaysia. TOM has both web and sheet-fed capabilities specialising in book production and the printing of magazines and periodicals. Its binding facilities include Wire Stitching, Perfect Binding, Thread Sewing, Hard-Case Binding and American Library Binding. Visit website here.

EVERBEST PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED is recognised as one of Asia`s foremost printing houses with a strong reputation for producing high-quality printed products. Everbest printing plant in South China enjoys a strong reputation amongst the major Australian, American and European publishers for its quality limp and case bound books. With a skilled and experienced workforce of around 1,200 in both Hong Kong and China, it is the dedication to perfection that has seen many of Everbest`s products winning international book production awards. Visit website here.